Lake Series

2024 will see the start of a new lakes series for the club

It will be fished over 5 matches at Ashridge manor

just 20 min drive from  Henley


2024 lake series Ashridge Manor

Draw time will be 8am  fish 9.30-15.30

May   4th 

June   1st  

July    6th  

Aug    24th 

Sep 21st  Ashridge lake final


   The best 4 weights  will count allowing for entrants to either miss one match or drop their lowest point score


                             There will be a maximum of 10 pegs per match


You will need a minimum of 3 keepnets


The series will have 3 trophies

Combined weight caught over all 5 matches 

Biggest weight for a single match

Heaviest single fish of the series


Ashridge lake match fee is £15 per person based on 10 pegs

The lake holds a large stock of carp  with  recorded match weights of over 200 lb