On match days no pleasure fishing on selected match sections


 All  River matches will  be on a Sunday

and our lake matches on Saturdays

Match points

1st 10 - 8  - 6  - 5 -  4 - 3 -  2 -  8th 1

in the event of a draw the top 2 weights will be divided

  giving  9 points each

River Matches

     The best 5 weights  will count allowing for entrants to either miss one match or drop their lowest point score


Lake series

 All lake matches will be a 8.00am draw

( 9.30 till 15.30 match time)

We will run a lake series of 5 matches at Ashridge  Manor for 2024 which will be won on total weight  achived  over all 5 matches



Cottage is split in to 3 match sections yellow blue and red this allows us to be flexible on our choice of section depending on how many members register to fish each match

Shiplake has 2 sections

All river matches will be mixed bag

We will run a pool at £5.00 each  for anyone who wants to enter

The Hardwick Summer matches will run from 9.30 am till 15.30 pm

with an 8.00 am draw

                September  matches will run from 8.30am till 14.30

 with a 7.30 am draw

 October matches will run from 8.30am till  14.30

with a 7.30 am draw

All anglers must book a place no later than 3 days before match day via the contact us tab with your name and membership number or via our facebook page